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Communications, Cooperations + Event Concepts

B-Reel is not a typical creative agency! In all of their services, be it strategic consulting, service design right up to integrated online / offline experiences and digital campaigns, B-Reel always steps out of the comfort zone and usually goes beyond what is technically possible. The agency sparks real, radical creativity. We are mainly responsible for all media-related matters, which includes spreading the word about B-Reel’s unique and creative work approach, milestones, cases, new projects and earned creative awards on the German speaking market. In order to keep the conversation and awareness about B-Reel flowing, we are constantly on the lookout for strategically valuable partnerships and cooperations with creative and digital innovative companies, foundations, schools and many more. To build more trust and awareness, we are also on the constant search for event formats to connect like-minded people and makers, network and spread the news in Germany.

During the course of the past 1.5 years, we were able to draw B2B and B2C media attention to B-Reel and ensured clippings for the most interesting and relevant projects of the company. Among those are the leading developer and provider for cloud-based mapping services HERE as well as the new digital platform of the Gorillaz mixed reality App, for which B-Reel won four awards at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.