Mission Paperless: BULLET.



Good Bye paper letters! BULLET follows its vision to digitize the German Mittelstand. We have prepared the product launch of BULLET in Germany in summer 2018. Since then we handle the communication for the B2B startup, supporting it on its Mission to digitize the German Mittelstand.

Florian and its team follow the vision to establish a smart data management system for every SME. Since the communication of the launch in summer 2018 we position them as a key actor and leading expert for digital processes and data management. Sensitizing SMEs for the relevance of 100% digitized internal business communication according to highest security and data standards. In interviews, guest posts and press releases we package GDPR, postal letters and digitization of SMEs in one holistic story.

Key message: Digitize your paper work or game over! Nowadays, data is the core of every business. However, only digitized data is useful and can be analyzed automatically and smart. Therefore, each analogue letter is a waste of information and market intelligence. Digital data is secure, more efficient and will enable smart decision making. Mission Mittelstand: Together with BULETT we are changing the mindset of business owners and leaders in German SMEs. Impulse, Business Punk and many more are covering BULLET on its way eliminating paper in German offices.