Cherry Ventures

Cherry Ventures

Entrepreneurs first. Investors second: Berlin’s very own Cherry Ventures.



Berlin is calling! The founders of Cherry Ventures are entrepreneurs first, focusing on seed stage companies and investing across Europe. Their goal is to add value from day one, not just capital. They are more than investors – they are partners. Their goal always is to do anything in their power to make success for their companies happen – because they are only successful if the companies are. With a 150 billion fund they started to get active in 2015 by making their first investments in companies like Amorelie, Auto 1 Group, Caroobi and Lesara among many others. While having the image as “Berlin’s Hipster VC”, they just feel very personally connected to what they do and to the founders and companies they work with. In order to fulfill some prophecies and clichées people are expecting from time to time, they asked us to plan their very first Portfolio Day in 2016. No sooner said than done!   

A completely new venue – carefully selected to set high expectations (How often can we do this? Phew!) –, 130 very important and well-known guests, pitches and speeches by founders and inspirational people like Jean-Remy von Matt led to a day full of exciting conversations and happy people crowned by a big fat family feast. It would not be Cherry, nor Openers, if the day had come to an end without another location, some more drinks and special surprises. Some bus shuttles and another 300 guests later, we entered a botanical djungle and had the night of our lives… But see for yourself!

Next edition will take place in late October. Watch out Cherry, we are coming for you!