The future of paper mail: Digitalkasten digitalises your post!



We at Openers are what you call “early adopters” and we are crazy for innovation. Therefore, it’s a personal pleasure to handle all media relations in Germany for Digitalksten and spread the idea of the new age of the mail sector. The motto is: Don’t hassle with the box, go get your digital post!

Only founded in May 2017 by Leo Laun and Alexander Beresford, Digitalkasten has already won users in all aspects of society. In our opinion, this is proof that a digital service for the existing postal service is needed and that society is ready for the digitalisation of this sector. Since November 2017, we support the company by creating interesting PR-stories around its innovative postal service with a focus on the B2C sector. Furthermore, we provide Digitalkasten with creative input and always try to think out of the box. The outcome so far: In the last two months of 2017, we contacted over 100 relevant journalists and secured coverages in widely read Germany based outlets, such as Impulse, t3n and Berliner Kurier.