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Horizn Studios

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Communications & Events

Our ongoing mission for Horizn Studios: Brand Building. Horizn Studios is one of THE „Digital Native Vertical Brands” out there and we help spread the word – through storytelling, event concepts, influencer strategies, Op-Ed pieces and much more! We set up content and wordings for different messages like the go-to market communications strategy back in 2016.

Moreover, we constantly reach out to and stay in contact with different media, target groups and communities – online & offline (such as economy, tech, startup, travel, news or music) and coordinate with the different country departments and third parties. We place, coordinate and prepare numerous interviews & Op-Ed pieces to reach the establishment of the term „Digital Native Vertical Brand” or „V-Commerce” (among other things). To get the word out, we also did product seeding for tests, reviews and branding through testimonials and multiplicators.

Our communication efforts are accompanied by the creation of event formats and concepts or the development of creative ideas. The outcome: Growing global attention for the brand, over 100 clippings in lifestyle, tech, travel and economy media and successful events during Fashion Week Berlin and Tech Open Air.