New Mobility World

New Mobility World

Shaping Future Mobility Across Industries.


Digital Innovation

New Mobility World (NMW) is the place at the International Motor Show (IAA) where startups, disruptors, decision makers and the automotive industry come together to radically rethink mobility.

NMW took place for the first time in 2015 as a pilot. We got lucky and were involved in early summer 2016 to reshape the concept, rethink the target groups and also aim for a more international reach for the second edition at IAA PKW in 2017. 

With our efforts we made sure that NMW is present at the different stakeholders` markets, such as the automotive industry, mobility providers, tech and IT companies, OEMs, startups and last but not least: media.

We identified and reached out to relevant media outlets, established strong partnerships with a wide range of tech and startup media, daily press and specialist media. For NMW we collected relevant clippings and scouted events where NMW could present themselves and their vision of future mobility.

Furthermore, we helped bringing a new initiative to light: the NMW Lab, a place for mobility startups, investors and experts. Onboarding partners like VCs, media, established mobility companies as well as coworking spaces and hubs spreading the word through social media and newsletters contributed to making this startup challenge a success.

Creating and telling stories from the mobility ecosystem for the mobility ecosystem was also part of our work and we did so by developing content such as text, photo, video for the NMW’s website, blog and social media channels.