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Communications + Events

SearchInk is a pioneer in the field of Artificial and Machine Intelligence. Thus, it made for the perfect host of the Machine Intelligence Summit, a Satellite Event of Tech Open Air 2017, on July 14th. Some of the most brilliant minds in the field of AI spent the day discussing the stakes of Deep Learning and Machine Intelligence.

We helped get the word out and increase the amount of attendees by doing posting in relevant Facebook groups and event calendars and supported SearchInk in scouting venues for the MI Summit. Furthermore, we were responsible for all media related matters. We researched startup, tech and B2B media as well as special interest media and also approached high-level newspapers. Besides preparing wordings like pitches and fact sheets, we also wrote guest articles and provided ghostwriting services for written interviews. We set up a press conference to take place during the event and provided full on-site support to journalists and SearchInk alike. The outcome: clippings in media outlets like Wired, Süddeutsche Zeitung or Welt among others – and more are yet to come.