Tech Open Air

Tech Open Air

Europe` s largest interdisciplinary festival


Communications + Video Concept, Media Partnerships + Press Relations

Tech Open Air is Europe´s first interdisciplinary technology festival which brings together Tech, Music, Art & Science and focuses on effective knowledge exchange and collaboration. With its open format – conference meets festival – Tech Open Air aims to be a platform on which different industries can grow together using technology as the common denominator. 1 festival = 4 days, +200 speakers, + 200 Satellite Events, +15.000 attendees.

With Openers we do not only take care of all communications and video + photography coordination for Tech Open Air and participate in and support all concept/strategy/format decisions. Eventually the idea for Openers evolved in part through the overwhelming feedback that we received after two sucessfull years of TOA. 2017 marked the 6th edition of TOA.