Alte Münze | Spreewerkstätten

Alte Münze | Spreewerkstätten

A former minting mill reawakened with life


    • 474 m² | up to 250 PAX

        CAGE CLUB
      • 145 m² | up to 250 PAX

        • 435 m² | up to 500 PAX

          • five times 50-75 m²
            up to 400 PAX

              PRODUCTION HALL
            • 413 m²

              • 1000 m² incl. five rooms

                • 200 m² | up to 200 PAX

                  • 700 m² | up to 700 PAX
                  Alte Münze – Open Space. Culture. Events.As its name describes, the Alte Münze is a former minting mill in Berlin-Mitte on the banks of the River Spree. The space is ideal for creatives in the arts & culture scene, as well as being adaptable to various event formats. The buildings are situated in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Berlin and operated by the Spreewerkstätten. They are also the home of an interdisciplinary community and stand for the future-oriented adaptation of historical urban spaces and a diverse urban society, in which there is a solidarity between different projects with different demands and opportunities.