Fabrik 23

Fabrik 23


    • 225 m² | up to 199 PAX

      • 152 m² | up to 100 PAX

        • 165 m² | up to 80 PAX

            MR. HEMINGWAY
          • 90 m² | up to 40 PAX

          A Hidden Factory in the Heart of the City

          A factory over 100 years old, well hidden inside a typical Berlin courtyard and only 1.5 km from the famous Friedrichstraße. Here you‘ll find an authentic industrial estate ambience: a mix of self-designed and vintage furnishings gives our four unique lofts a very special atmosphere, which has been reported many times in the media. In short: the perfect place for film and photo productions, business workshops and private events!


          Rough and industrial, elegant and classy – back in the day this was a woodworking company and the impressive patina which time has left behind is still noticeable. The name „Werkloft“ (engl. „Craft Loft“) is a tribute to its former use: Almost the entire furnishings arise from old factories. The historical industrial lamps, the lavishly restored workbenches, which can be used as cooking stations or even the metal lockers that serve as a cloakroom for our guests. The rest of our interiors are handmade uniques – like the several tables made out of old wooden Berlin floorboards that were exclusively designed in our in-house wood workshop.

          This loft also offers a gallery lounge with comfortable seating made of pallets and even a cosy chesterfield lounge where you will find a beautiful old piano and many other eye-catchers.

          The Classroom

          In accordance with its name, “the classroom“ is decorated with all kinds of items one could find in a historical classroom: nostalgic globes and wall maps, microscopes and photographies. You will find a separate cloakroom and a 16 sqm large private bar where we laid an old hardwood floor, descended from a former school gym. This loft is the perfect place for business workshops, private events and stunning scenery for creative film and photo shootings.

          The Berlin Loft

          “The Berlin Loft“ belongs to the most exceptional lofts throughout Germany and was one out of only three interiors decorated “Best of Germany“ by the prestigious magazine “Architectural Digest“ in 2014. The industrial character was kept alive by leaving the concrete floors and 4 m high ceilings in traditional condition. Some of the interiors were specially designed for this loft by the owner, but you can also find many unique vintage pieces here, like factory lamps or bakelite sockets, which create a sublime atmosphere. The 165 sqm apartment with its three different rooms is ideal for smaller business workshops or private events. This partner loft can also be booked via our office.

          Mr Hemingway

          “Mr Hemingway“ is a tribute to the legendary writer and will put you back in time the minute you walk into the room. Wooden blinds, exotic wallpapers from England and many hand-picked antiquities create a breathtaking atmosphere. The 90 sqm loft is the perfect place for private dinners or small conferences. Because of the beautiful bar and the smoking room, Mr Hemingway is also suitable for special occasions like a whiskey or wine tasting.