Freunde von Freunden Friends Space

Freunde von Freunden Friends Space


    • 350 m²
    • fully furnished
    • fully functional kitchen
    • soundsystem for
      background music

    The resurgence of old neighbourhoods illustrates Berlin’s transformative powers, such as in the vibrant creative-hub, Kreuzberg.

    This multi-cultural neighbourhood is alive with history, and as creatives have flocked to Berlin, Kreuzberg has become the heart of the artistic community. This “Kiez” is the site of Freunde von Freunden’s latest metamorphosis: after working together with Vitra to create the FvF Apartment in Berlin-Mitte, the new space is housed in an industrial-style factory that celebrates the global creative community: the Friends Space.

    With the FvF Friends Space, the vision was a new space for not only the FvF creative offices but for their community and partners as well. With architect Philipp Mainzer, FvF set to design the 350 square meter space in a way that would enable their company philosophy to grow.

    In recent years, FvF realised that they needed a larger space to gather and exchange knowledge and skills, and to nurture the creative ideas of the ever-growing FvF community. In 2016 they began the Friends Space, a design-driven platform shaped by their connections and a desire to see growth through dialogue with new and old friends.