Parkhaus Neukölln

Parkhaus Neukölln

  • 13.888 m² overall area spread over 5 floors
  • parking decks individually
  • inside: Club, Sundecks,
    Theatre Room and Gallery
  • in the center of Neukölln

In the heart of Neukölln,

you’ll find an abandoned parking garage that has been turned into an accessible work of art. Curated by the artist trio “The Dixonsad”, sixty artists transformed the space through a collage of graffiti and installations. 

The space is available for events, photo shoots and video shoots until the end of the year. In addition to the sun deck, the Parkhaus Neukölln also boasts unique event locations on the top floor with a panoramic view over the roofs of the city. The playful interiors remind one of a visit with Alice in Wonderland – a cupboard may lead to a hidden room; a labyrinth takes one into a room of mirrors, the aquarium or the “darkroom”…

Ultimately, it is an inspiring location that can be utilized in manifold ways. See where your inspiration takes you!