Schloss Arendsee

Schloss Arendsee


      The Castle
    • 406 m² | up to 450 PAX

        The Gym
      • 288 m² | up to 380 PAX

        • 2 double rooms in the EC
        • 1 suite
        • 5 double rooms
        • 1 family room on the
        • 1st floor
        • Round (summer) room on
          the 2nd floor
        • A total of 22 beds
          (in shared beds)

      Built in 1843, the castle was once the country residence of the noble Schlippenbach family. Their expropriation after World War II temporarily turned the castle into accommodation for home seekers, and during the GDR it became a school. Every corner of the castle is rife with history.  The architecture denotes the Berlin Bauakademie under Karl Friedrich Schinkel, implemented by the architect Friedrich August Stüler.

      The park is still reminiscent of its planner Lenné, who was once the Garden Director of the Royal Prussian Garden. But it is the enchanted gym hall on the grounds – also built during the GDR times – that acts as a reminder of livelier times in which the castle was filled with laughter and learning!

      This also brings back the current team around Schloss Arendsee back, who took over the castle in 2018 from Hans Kleissl, who in turn had bought it in 2006 and lovingly restored it to its previous glory. The new faces of Schloss Arendsee have their roots in the startup and real estate world of Berlin and want to create a sanctuary close to the city. The castle is a retreat from everyday life, is a space for celebrations of all sizes, and for the exchange of creativity, whether this is between friends and family, or between a team of entrepreneurs. This is the place to learn to engage with one another whilst being conscious of the here and now.

      Schloss Arendsee becomes a space for… offsites, company retreats, film shoots, photo productions, conferences, and company parties.

      The new team behind Schloss Arendsee will primarily use the castle privately, but also want to continue providing access to this unique patch of land in the middle of nature in the northwestern Uckermark. The focus will be on company trips and getaways, as well as select private parties and weddings.