Spotify – from concerts over dinners to Festival Backstage Lounge and Podcast Recordings

Spotify – from concerts over dinners to Festival Backstage Lounge and Podcast Recordings

We are happy to support Spotify in expanding their business into the fast-growing podcast market.

Spotify’s early stage participation in the fast-growing podcast market took place at Auf die Ohren Podcast Festival and Kosmonaut Festival. We joined forces by designing their sponsored backstage areas at the beautiful island venue of Lindwerder and Stausee Rabenstein. Podcasters were invited to take a time-out with handmade ice cream, fresh vegan donuts and right next to the scenic lakes, old vintage furniture amidst a jungle of dozens of plants invites visitors to relax – for the digital natives we have set up solar-powered charging stations.. A pleasant environment to relax and build valuable connections.

Another fantastic demonstration of how Spotify- Users care about their partnerships, was the launch of the podcast “Ja, Ja, Nee, Nee” by the famous writer Benjamin Stuckrad-Barre and renowned actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer. We set up a dinner in an intimate atmosphere with a guest list of their redundant friends – artists, influencers and celebrities – to show Jasna and Benjamin’́s podcasts in an illustrative way resembling the flat ancient greek illustration style – only fresher.

And the journey continues strong. Indeed, with their very own Podcast Summit ALL EARS. Before the big event launches in Berlin, interesting topics and personalities are yet brought together digitally. Kicking off in our brand new urban venue
downtown and a topic that could not be more important. The first edition – Podcasting to Save the Planet – with Friday’s for Future Co-Founder Luisa Neubauer, marine biologist  Dr. Ayana Elisabeth Johnsson and Gimlet Media Founder Alex Blumberg was inspiring to all of us. And there is much more to come. Stay tuned!

Hybrid Production of ALL EARS: