Teaching Kids Programming Skills with Wonder Workshop’s Robots

Teaching Kids Programming Skills with Wonder Workshop’s Robots

In 2018, we became Wonder Workshop’s partner in crime for all things communication and events in the German-speaking market.


Media Relations, Events, Ongoing Community and Brand building

Wonder Workshop was created in Silicon Valley with the intent of introducing children to the world of coding without losing the playful aspect. With Christmas being the main season for the little EdTech robots, we assisted the team at Wonder with media relations and editorial tours to Hamburg and Munich, as well as community management and events by staging various interactive events for children and parents to test and play with the three Wonder robots Dash, Dot and Cue. 

Besides handling media relations and communication in the DACH region, Openers has conducted a study on the gender-centricity of everyday activities of children in Germany, with a special focus on which toys they play with and the importance of interacting with smart toys such as those made by Wonder Workshop in the future. We have also worked with the team at Kickstarter to bring together an engaging panel discussing how education and learning are changing, and the benefits of learning to code at a young age.