Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation

Everyone is facing digital impact. The question is: Will you end up being transformed or disrupted? The latter will be more painful.

Digital Innovation

We start at the base.

Digital impact is changing the business landscape at breakneck speed. Adapting and applying new technologies into existing business models can be hard. It requires a change of mindset within a company. We are here to help!

We want to create common values.

Sometimes the start is simple: We can matchmake you with the digital and technology community and introduce you to its mindset. But the startup ecosystem is not a Zoo! We do not want to just show off founders and their ideas but actually build mutually beneficial relationships between startups and incumbents. This can very from peer learning workshops to prototyping and testing of new product ideas to ideation of new joint businesses.

Let’s find your asset.

Most importantly, our goal is to help you (re-) discover your place in an ever changing value chain and the assets you can offer to the wider startup ecosystem. Let’s get started!